Spirituality vs Religion. Which one suits you?

are you a spiritual or religious person

It’s Monday again. Pheww! Seems this year is moving at the speed of light. On today’s motivational Monday, I want to talk about the power of prayer and being able to recognize if you are a spiritual or religious person. We all have our different reasons we go to the church, mosque, synagogue etc but have you ever asked yourself, irrespective of your visits, are you a spiritual person? How close are you in spirit to the person you pray to? Do you pray only when you need something or do you pray because you understand that it is good to build a relationship with him irrespective of your needs and wants?

I view it like having this parent you know exist but cant see. When you relate with your parents, you do it on a free flow basis. You call to check on them, you love them irrespective of if they give you or not, you tell them your problems because you know even if they don’t have an immediate solution, they will know how to ease your heart, you listen to their advise (yes God does give you signs if you pay close attention), you do what will please them and of course you tell them thanks for being your parent and taking good care of you.

I feel this is the type of relationship and extra one should have with God. He is after all the lord, father in heaven right? So when you pray, do so as if you are speaking to your father. Better still, talk to your God because no one can talk to him for you. Yes people can pray on your behalf but when you have the ability to do it yourself, what is stopping you? You don’t even need a specific time to pray. it could be a random short prayer thanking him for your day, thanking him for getting you home safe, etc. Yes he is your creator and he understands you perfectly fine but that shouldn’t stop you from reevaluating your spiritual closeness to him.

Prayer is very key in life, I cant begin to explain what the power of prayer has done in my life but lets just say, I have had instances where I pray about something and within days I see results. Yes! prayer works wonders but knowing how to pray is key and being thankful for the one you have to an even bigger key. Nobody likes an ingrate so don’t be one. You woke up this morning, be thankful.

Even if things are not perfect, when there is life, there is hope so always be grateful for all you have . Keep in mind, religion and spirituality are totally different. I can go to the mosque or church and still understand that we worship the same God in our different way and my closeness to him doesn’t change. With the way religion seems to be so divided these days, we always need to take a step back and realize we are all still one and the only real difference is how we choose to congregate to worship him, our traditions and sometimes our beliefs but the common denominator is the most important one and that is we have one God. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead. Stay blessed. #MotivationalMonday

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