If love has not been fair to you… read on

Motivational Monday About Love

There is no teacher like experience, allow it teach you how to love – Toni Payne

Love is a complicated emotion yet we all at some point seek it.  A lot of people who are searching for love or not happy in love may start to feel loneliness creep up. Seeing others talk about how happy they are may make you feel bad wishing, hoping, praying, to find that person that fills you up with so much joy you are delirious at the very sight of them…You ask yourself, why you? Why is your own story like this. If this is you, stop there and read on…

Are you single and searching for love? You have tried and tried but you just keep meeting people you have no interest in, or maybe the one you like doesn’t like you. Do not worry your pretty/handsome self. Enjoy your life as a single person. Take this time to learn about yourself. Take the time to love you. This is the only true way to attract the right person.

When you have self-love, not only are people drawn to you like a magnet, it is easier to filter what you want or don’t want in a mate. Afterall, once you are hooked, you are hooked and single life (I pray for you) will not be back so why rush. Valentine is just a day, it will come and go but you have the chance now to prepare yourself for that special someone who will give you the experience of valentine all year round.  See this as a time to learn about yourself, your likes, dislikes, things you can tolerate. Take this time to figure out what you expect from a life partner.

Jessica just got married, Amy’s husband is so wonderful. Stop measuring your life on someone else’s yard stick. Do you know what goes on in the with them when others are not around? You cant worry about who is happy or not happy in love. Worry about you. Do we all look-alike? The answer is a big fat NO! So why do you expect that our stories will be alike? Don’t rush God and don’t rush yourself. Just do you and in time, that special someone will come to make you forget all the Val’s days you spend waiting for him/her.

Did you just get out of a bad relationship? Or are you still in one waiting for the chance to get out? You say to yourself, I am a good person, why is this happening to me? I did my best, why didn’t it work out? Do not lose hope. What is for you is out there. We all get tested in different ways. Sometimes, you may end up with someone who is not meant for you so as to prepare you for that person who will sweep you off your feet permanently and maybe something in your character (before you met the other guy/girl,) wouldn’t have appreciated that person, if you did not come across the person who did you wrong.

They say every disappointment is a blessing in disguise. Believe it with all your heart and watch things turn out for the best, in its own time. Use your experience to filter the type of men/women you give attention to. You have learned a lesson, use it to your advantage. Enjoy your vals with your family, friends, etc. Those that make you truly happy. There are no rules out there that state that you can’t be your own val. What man/woman born of woman loves you more than you? Nobody! So appreciate the love you have for yourself this vals day. No low self esteem allowed. You are beautiful/handsome. You are awesome and wonderful. Someone is searching, waiting and will get to see and appreciate all that is you very soon.

Have a happy week Yall and do stay blessed.. Next week’s post will still be in line with Valentine Month..it will be for the lovers out there. Appreciate the gift of love. Never abuse it.  If there is any topic you wish for me to cover on #MotivationMonday please feel free to ask me here, or tweet at me @tonipayne  Fin!

4 thoughts on “If love has not been fair to you… read on

  1. Tony, I like this new idea of motivation monday. I like how innovative you are. Always coming up with something fresh and new for we your fans. Looking foward to Erotica 7th.

  2. Another great post. Kudos. Love should not be rushed. Ladies especially need to learn to take their time so they do not fall in the wrong hands.

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