Life Hacks… What to always remember about peoples opinion

Here is a simple yet meaningful life hack I would like to share with everyone.

It really doesn’t matter what people think about you because truth is, you can be good 99% of the time, but if you dare be imperfect 1% of the time, it automatically nullifies all your good and makes you a bad person to some people. They will rub it in your face and try to make you feel like less than what you are. If they can, they will try to convince you that your 99% good is actually 99% imperfect. As long as you know in your heart that you are a good person and are trying your best, continue to believe in yourself. It really doesn’t matter how someone sees you as long as you are being the best you you can be. Understand that your imperfections make you human. Do not let anyone judge you based on their view of what perfect should be. Do you and do what makes you happy because your peace of mind matters…
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We have all been here and sometimes all we need to do is hear it. Once thing I am certain of is that as humans we have the natural ability to discern right from wrong when it comes to our wants and need irrespective of any distraction.

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