Check out these AMAZING Larvae to Butterfly Transformations

I am not sure what to file this under but I saw these images and thought they were so cool I had to share. These are some incredible beautiful larvae to butterfly transformations. It’s so amazing the things the go down in nature. It is also mind boggling some of the beauty that we take for granted. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all just take one day a week out of our busy schedules to explore and appreciate nature for what it is. Anyhoo, check out pictures as well as their classification below.

Acraga Coa
Larvae Acraga Coa Larvae to Butterfly
Butterfly Acraga Coa Larvae to Butterfly

Attacus Atlas

larvae Attacus Atlas
butterfly Attacus Atlas

Glass Winged Butterfly

larvae Glass Winged Butterfly
butterfly Glass Winged Butterfly

Cerura Vinula

larvae Cerura Vinula
butterfly Cerura Vinula


larvae Cecropia
butterfly Cecropia

Blue Morpho
larvae Blue Morpho
butterfly Blue Morpho

Black Swallowtail

larvae Black Swallowtail
butterfly Black Swallowtail

Beautiful right? So next time you walk past a butterfly, now you are free to imagine what it’s larvae must have looked like. It is so amazing how they are the same yet so different. There are more pictures to be viewed of these amazing creatures. What is your favorite larvae to butterfly transformation?

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