A Look Inside Lady Gaga’s Malibu Crib – Pictures

A Look Inside Lady Gaga's Malibu Crib - PicturesLiving the luxurious life is one of the perks of hard work. When you have the money, spending it on a palatial home is expected, afterall that is where you will lay your head most of the time. Today we will be checking out Lady Gaga’s Malibu Crib. Pictures courtesy of my girl Nicola Loves.
Some Facts About the Crib

  • It is located in beautiful Malibu, CA within minutes of Zuma Beach
  • It cost her a whopping $23 million dollars
  • It has 5 Bedrooms and 12 bathrooms
  • It has great views of the Pacific Ocean
  • It has a bowling alley and a wine cellar
  • It has a horse barn complete with riding area
  • It has a salt water pool with Jacuzzi
  • The look was inspired by homes in Southern France
  • It also features a home theater
  • It is rumored that the home has a secret bat cave with a secret passageway
  • The house formerly belonged to Warner Bros Dan Romanelli

Check out more pictures below..
A Look Inside Lady Gaga's Malibu Crib - Pictures

lady gaga home 2

lady gaga home 3

lady gaga home 4

lady gaga home 6

lady gaga home 8

lady gaga home 9

lady gaga home 10

lady gaga home 5

As you can see, hard work pays. The house is absolutely gorgeous. I have always wanted a beach front property and seeing this just motivates me even more. For the interior, I would have gone for brighter colors though. Blacks, Whites with a splash of brightness to give the home a more vibrant feel.

So what do you think of Lady Gaga’s new crib?

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  1. Is it with my doctor salary that I will be able to afford these? Its not by hard work. Maybe me too should start to sing

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