Love Poems – Knick Knack by Toni Payne

KNICK KNACK BY TONI PAYNE – Romantic love poems

The knicks and the knacks of you and I.
The knicks as you chisel tru the glass enclosure around my heart.
The knacks of.. of.. of.. you on I…
Tear the walls down,
I mean beat the walls now.
The knicks and the knacks that have come to define our pact,
our pack,
our.. Knacks..
I visualize and shiver,
even in the shower the gentle whisper..
Touch…. Your… Toeeee……s
Oh stop it,
ur making me blush,
making my heart .. Read full poem in my book “A Stroll at Midnight”

3 thoughts on “Love Poems – Knick Knack by Toni Payne

  1. Beautiful. I just hope you would respect the devine art that is poetry and spell your words correctly. That said, I’d love to watch you touch your ain’t narcism..i aim to please

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