“Tonight’s Dinner” Rice Pilaf with Fried Chicken + RECIPE

Tonights-Dinner-Rice Pilaf with Fried Chicken

Welcome to Tonight’s Dinner. On the menu we have Rice Pilaf served with Fried Chicken. This is one of my many  favorite meals. The plight of a foodie. lol. So many great delicious meals out there. Normally when I make rice pilaf, I serve it with oven roasted chicken. This time I did Fried Chicken, well because I had a craving for something fried. I will share my simple recipe for the fried chicken below. If you wish to know how to make the rice pilaf, let me know and I will put one together. Now, the key to the savory awesome taste of my Fried chicken is that I season it overnight. I feel and know it allows for the seasoning to get into the chicken giving it a delicious finish. Anyhoo, check out my simple fried chicken recipe below. Besides seasoning overnight which you do not have to, it takes less than 30 minutes to make. 

Things You Will Need
6-Chicken Drumsticks (Serves 3-4)
a pinch of Curry Seasoning ( not a must)
Garlic Seasoning ( I use this brand Lawrys Garlic Salt )
Maggi Seasoning ( you can get the ones I use here: Maggi Cubes)

Cooking Instructions for Fried Chicken
1. Clean Chicken thoroughly in a medium to large size bowl and slice slightly down the middle
2. Season as desired ( for this ill do a pinch of salt, curry, a table spoon of garlic seasoning and 1-2 small maggi cubes)
3. Place seasoned Chicken in Fridge overnight (NOTE: You can Skip this Step)
4. Heat Cooking Oil in fryer
5. Place seasoned Chicken in fryer (Make sure you use a deep fryer like this one here; Deep Frying Pan )
6. Allow Chicken fry till well cooked making sure to turn chicken carefully to get all sides. ( don’t burn it – lol.. use picture for reference)
7. Remove Chicken and place in oil sifter and viola you are ready to chow down

Told you it was quite simple. If you have any questions do let me know. If you love any of my recipes or foods we love, kindly feel free to share. Till next time, enjoy!

So do you have a Chicken Recipe you want me to try? Do comment below.

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