Video of Giraffe Giving Birth at San Diego Zoo. OMG!

If you have never seen a Giraffe give birth well, now you will. Thank goodness for camera phones ey, because one Zoo visitor captured this incredible video of a Giraffe birth. While watching, I wasn’t sure if I should holla cool or eww but wow. It was gross and amazing at the same time.

The birth took place at the San Diego Zoo in California. It starts with the calf half way out and the mommy Giraffe “pushing” till the calf comes out and drops on the floor. Looked kind of painful for the calf though because the mommy Giraffe was standing the entire time then boom, baby slithers to the floor. Ouch!

One cool fact is that Giraffes carry their pregnancy for 15 months. Dang!. I wouldn’t want to be a giraffe. haha

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