Sugar Daddy University – Would you attend?

sugar daddyThe things you hear about these days. lol. Apparently there is a course out there that teaches you how to land a wealthy man. Founded by Professional sugar baby Carla Abonia, the course teaches lessons in sexuality, understanding, generosity, attraction and reciprocity. lol. Ladies take note because her course is aimed at teaching ladies how to be the ideal “sugar baby.” 

When you sign up, you have access to plastic surgeons, relationship and financial experts who are on hand to advise you in the art of perfecting your suger “baby-ism.” Apparently business is good for Abonia because people are registering for her course in numbers. Maybe I should go sign up to so I can finally land that millionaire billionaire. hahaha.

So would you take courses to land a Sugar Daddy or Naa?

6 thoughts on “Sugar Daddy University – Would you attend?

  1. where can i enroll. i am tired of men who have nothing to offer but still try to control you. if i have one of these he can control me while shopping in paris

  2. I aint saying she’s a gold digger. Any lady that signs up for this can never be with the man for love. The intent to dig is already there. i hope you were not serious about signing up because you are better than that.

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