Ladies, would you let your man be a House Husband ?

marriageI recently did a post about men collecting child support here,[ Should Men Collect Child Support ]. As expected people argued for and against it on here, twitter and facebook, which is perfectly fine by me. Some of the arguments also brought up the topic of gender equality. Some stated that, we women want equality so they should pay up. It got me thinking in depth about the post. 

While trying to analyze the answers and reactions, something popped up in my head. It was a conversation with two friends of mine. I had asked them if they would not mind being a House Husband.  Meaning, they stay home while the wife brings home the cash. The first friend to react was nothing short of hilarious. He gave a resounding hell no and went on further to state his reasons.

His argument was quickly challenged by our other friend.  He stated that he would gladly be a house husband if his wife was making more money and if they had kids. They both argued on for a while and I looked on trying to get a couple of sentences in unsuccessfully.

Both men have good paying jobs, both men have similar upbringing, but both men shared a very different view of the topic. Go figure! So I ask, would you let your husband be a house husband? If so, under what condition? and fellas would you be willing to be a house husband?

14 thoughts on “Ladies, would you let your man be a House Husband ?

  1. I would love to be a house husband. in face i am looking for a sugar mommy now. i am not lazy and i am good in bed. i will cook and clean, no problem. so far i do not have to deal with stress of job seeking. anything she wants i will do and i am loyal. no big deal in it

  2. I think it depends on the situation. if the man earns less and they have kids, then he can stay home so the kids would not require outside sitters. i do not think it makes or mars his ego or makes him any less of a man

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