50 cents EX Shaniqua Tompkins says he Physically Abused Her

50 cents shaniquaAnytime I hear the names Shaniqua Tompkins (the mother of 50?s oldest son) and 50 Cents in one sentence, I get this incredible urge to pop a tylenol. So the past few years 50cents and his son’s mother have been going at it to the point that 50’s son is now deeply rooted in the drama. The news of 50 cents not making it to his son’s graduation made its rounds on the internet. 50 cents defended himself with what I felt was a ridiculously flimsy excuse. On Friday, Shaniqua took to the radio on Atlanta’s V-103 station to clear up what she felt were a lot of misconceptions about her and her relationship with the rapper. Watch the video

In respect to 50 not showing up to his son’s grad, this for me is a big foul. Like 50 needs to get his act together. No matter what issues you have with the mother,  not showing up for your son’s high school graduation is just all sorts of wrong. This is an event that comes around but once in a kids life.  On the flip side, Shaniqua also needs to relax. She seems tired and frustrated with the entire situation so she acting out too. If he is not forth coming, just do you. She should’nt have cheated on him at all. When she got tired, she should have left. I think this is the genesis of their problems. The entire situation makes her come across like that “difficult to deal with” type of person. Like she is just mad. I think showing all the text messages between them was unnecessary. It’s like stooping down to his level, just free the guy, his loss, not yours because you can force a camel to water but you can’t force them to drink. There is no excuse, no excuse for abandoning your child Mr 50 cents. Take that to the bank.

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  1. she is telling us this 7 years later because? looks like shorty is looking for her own reality show

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