Second chance by Damkas

Second Chance
I’m tired of feeling this way, feeling so low and depressed
suddenly good feeling turns bad
Feeling sad and blue my emotions for you is so strong, it gives me fears
Would I ever get a second chance to have him again in my Heart?
You’re the reason I get up to face each hectic day
How did our lives got so consumed
We used to take the time to laugh and play a game for two
But now it seems we ……….
My love, the man I gave my all too
my heart turns cold as if it were wrapped in an igloo.
Do I approach or should I just run?
I need to take a bold step but before I could reach him
it seems someone else has taken my place.
Sadness overwhelms my face
Tears begin to flow…
Too late for my love has spotted the show.
Oh no, I cannot let him go
as I head into the opposite direction
I heard him called my name.
Feeling so sorry and low because of the love we once shared together
He wiped the tears from my eyes as I approach him
He held me so close to him and the night started off good again
He brings me joy and happiness we will be together through thick and thin
will treat you right this time
I promise I will NEVER let you go.
Damkas…… @damkas

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