My New World by SC

Sweet scents of flowers crammed the air
Atmosphere electrified with harmonious songs
All sourced from the splendor of my field
Where everything obeys my every command
Yes my field, my abode
Endowed with awesome tranquility
Yet dripping with fearsome potency
And I ask myself-
Could anything be better than this?

From far-off a faint voice conveyed by the winds
Surely belonging to a queen from a fairy tale
Or certainly a goddess from a greek myth
Her grace surpassed those I had ever seen
Her voice was lyk lullaby-
From a faraway dream.
But why?
Why would this alien invade my fortitude?
But how could I resist?
Despite my valor I succumbed
And I fell under her spell
I sank into oblivion-
I was slowly transformed -Braynt.

I awoke in a faraway land
Where everything was different
The whooshing voices of the trees
The rustling of leaves
The freedom of insects zooming around
Nothing in this world was bounded by rules
And everyday was like paradise
Superior to everything I was used to
And in sincerity I prayed that it never ended
But nothing good lasts forever; this was a basic rule
Or could this be an exception?
But then my thots began to materialize
And slowly the world around me began to wither
Till I was left alone on an empty plane.

Days and nights passed
And emptiness and loneliness enveloped me.
As I stared at the endless horizon
I began to lament.
But this shouldn’t be;
The lamentations of valiant man should never be heard
Nor should the insects of the air
Gossip amongst themselves
Their sightings of my tears,
The hills should never hear
The whispers of the trees
Conveying words of my agony,
But still I cried out in reckless abandon.
Could this be love?
Had my heart withered with that strange word?
Certainly this had to be love.
I had adhered to its awesome power
But never acknowledged it.
This had to be love.

With my concluding thots
And my tear stained eyes
The world started reappearing
And when it was fully reformed
With smiles I began to understand
Love can penetrate anyone
It mus never be doubted else it goes away
Distance cannot hinder love
When it comes, you’re going down
You are nobody till you love and someone loves you in return.
And above all
I could only be Bryant in this new world -Racheal
I love you.


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