A FREE BIRD BY Kaygeegal

Think of me what you like
I careless about your dislike
Unfurled my wings and danced round the moon while you watched
I am uncontrollable
With the proudness of eagle I stood
Searching my prey with watchful eyes
With the beauty of peafowl I outshine
Attracting various bees to my honey
Flared my tail and make you wondered
What a creation you wish u owned
Never make home and never homeless
You can’t disenchant from my charm
Unreachable is the quay to my heart
My heart, my sanctum
Here and there, I flew
Am a chaste yet you would disagreed
Different birds’ features I possessed
Chameleon you may say
The sun worshiped me
Dazzling my colors as I flew
Blinded you might if not bow
I am untouchable
Am celebrating my freedom
Flirtatious boiled my blood
Might love your nest but wouldn’t stay long
My eyes roamed the world
The current flow pulled me around like vacuum air
Growing the zeal of anthropologist
Plucking the lust of a wanderer
Savoring the gift of nature
Name me a scoundrel if you pleased
Its the air of freedom am breathing
My apologies for not accepting a warden
I beg to quench my wanderlust
Count me out of your fleet
I am a bird of a kind
A free bird

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