Poetry: Its a New Year by Toni Payne

ITS A NEW YEAR by Toni Payne


Its a new year
Oh yeaah!
Wishing you all the best
Your mind shall be at rest
With a heart filled with thanksgiving to the most High
We enter this year feeling so fly

This new year, my dear
Is a chance at a fresh start
Even with the same ol parts
It feels like we are about to kickstart
New dreams
New goals
New resolutions
To find solutions
To previous dispositions
New aspirations
New inspirations
New motivations
Feels like a locomotion
A day apart but feels like
a reason to stand apart
New rules
A new cool
New grace
Same prayers
With a new twist
Some addition
Some subtraction
A bit of multiplication
With one common denomination
We are alive to see a new day
A new year
A fresh start
New hope
That’s so dope!
Happy New Year!!!!!! – Toni Payne

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