Quotes; excerpts – Dec 2012


Excerpts from some of my poems in no particular order. I write with inspiration and sometimes words come to me at the oddest places and times.. here are some that came randomly but i managed to pen down. The subject is centered around love .I call it my weakest link and my strongest point..

In my element I need u
At my best I crave u
With all my soul I respect u
With every breathe I take I love u. – Toni Payne

Stars shine, they shine bright,
let your star shine on me tonight,
let me undress you with my eyes,
with my mind then with my hands.  – Toni Payne

His are lips of life.
No other compares,
no other comes near.
So soft, so sweet,
so good to me. – Toni Payne

Remove the glaze in ma eyes
to gaze for days
in the hay
smokin jay
with ma baybay.
The objection of my affection
seems to me like perfection. – Toni Payne

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