Get well soon Innocent Idibia

I have gone through a billion and one emotions this morning, by the time I was through I just sat there, crying my eyes out. Like, that country is fucking messed up, excuse my french but yeah, Im not even angry anymore, but Im still saying it now, anyone who thinks naija is not messed up is kidding themself, as in you are in bloody denial and need to check it..A few posts ago, I asked where is the security, now its sad that I have to post about another one of our artists getting attacked by armed robbers, thats 2 in a span of 2 weeks. Anyhoo, he is a strong man and we thank God he is ok cos I know matter of factly God has bigger plans for him so God pass them. Keep 2face in your prayers that he is up and running ASAP.. and I hope whomever shot him burns deep in the pits of hell!! forget praying for them, they will be roasting with the devil because that is what they deserve.

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  1. I agree with you. I am still very angry and started to ask my self many questions about what I can do and what the government are not doing. The armed robbers do not have any right to shot or steal from anyone but at least even if they had to shot anyone they should have gone for the animals like them “the government” those stealing our money to do useless things with it. Now tell me you would want to move back to Nigeria and stay putting your life in great danger!!! I have big plans of how I would go back home someday and do something very productive based on what I have learned and more but after seeing all that is happening I sometimes get discouraged beacause I am not about to put my life on the line for any idiot armed robber!!
    I have been praying for 2face and his friend and will continue to do so. 2face has made a good impact in the way young people not just in Nigeria but all over Africa think.And for the poeple who did it the will face jugement one day “soon”

  2. Tonipayne,

    The way guns are used in America they aint used in Nigeria so what are you talking about. there is more murder in America than Nigeria. Is it cos 2face is a star. A lot of ordinary people are killed in America everyday.

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