Shady Business Ethics

Ok so I am mega, super, originally irritated this morning. Now, I am all for supporting your own when it comes to business but how do you do it when your own proves to have shady business ethics. arrgggh, ok so this whole drama started like 2 months back when we shipped some good for the lere store to NIG. We used Galaxy Cargo Services in downtown LA ( and yes I am calling these super unprofessional nincompoops out) because I honestly believe no one should have to go through what we have gone through because of these people..

Anyhoo, so 2 months ago, we shipped several boxes of goods for the store, paid the guy, and the goods were supposed to go out that week. Long story short, dude lied that he had shipped the goods, gave a fake airway bill number, and kept saying dont worry next week, next week, next week, for 2 whole months. So finally last week I went down there and threathened him with legal action and he was like yeah the boxes are in transit bla bla bla. (All Lies BTW) and to please wait till friday ( which is today).

Long story short, come to find out today, the guy just shipped the boxes LAST WEEK!!!!!!!!! so he had our goods and money for 2 whole months and sat on goods that could have made money to get even more good to make even more money, basically fucking with our living. Ok to say I am pissed is an understatement, I am boiling hot and honestly people like this guy give naijas with good business ethics a bad name. I am not tryna toot my own horn or anything but one thing I pride myself in is the way I do business, in the 4 years I have been in business, I have had only 1, I repeat o 1, customer complain, and that was a misunderstanding that I made sure was resolved asap. I don’t joke around with my customers and make sure I do what it takes to keep them happy, rules are clear, statements are clear, and you are always updated on your order. I can’t even imagine doing it any other way so when I run into people like this, it just makes me wonder where their ethics went..

If I got a penny for those that say they are weary of doing biz with naijas Id be building my mansion.. arrggh! The funny thing is, there is this other Hispanic lady we ship with to naija and she is always on point, that right there speaks volume. Your own peeps cant even do a good job with something soooooo flipping simple as shipping to your own country.. like wow!!!!!!!!!! it aint science men, in fact woooosaaaa!

3 thoughts on “Shady Business Ethics

  1. hummmmmm infact lol lol cause nne if i said i didn’t even understand where u are coming from regarding shady business ethics i would be lying…

  2. Oh my God, the same thing happened to my mother !! She was using the same Galaxy guys a couple of years back and they gave her the run around for months only for us to later find out that the goods were not even sent.

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