name change, 419ers, and more..

So, remember I told yall that I have a new show coming this fall that should be taping in nig soon, well I also wanted to share that we will not be using the “working name” so its not going to be Total Access anymore, my producer decided and I agreed to go with another name based on the format of the show, unfortunately I can’t disclose, even a hint of what the new name will be because, anyways sha, long story and because I do not like drama, I will not get into it!

Now on to some more exciting news, OK WEEKLY comes out tomorrow, YIPEEEE…so pick up a copy, its going to be in the boutique section, I guess. I had them add a discount code so feel free. BTW: the website has been updated again so feel free.

Now for some annoying stuff, so 2 nights ago, I did not get a wink, ok maybe a wink sha but I did not get to sleep through the night because of 419ers faxing my cell phone. See, normally when I give my number out in NIG I warn people that I think may not use their personal phone all the time not to call me from pay phones. Anyhoo I gave my number to a family friend and I guess some way, I did not think he would actually use one of those pay services, long story short, he did and less than a week later, the faxes started coming. Yeah I heard a while back that they sell numbers to these 419er…Its soo annoying, like, don’t you realize you are like faxing a cell phone. These idiots don’t realize most people use cells these days, and fax numbers are usually separate from land lines so the chances of someone calling to talk to someone on a line you can fax are low.

I really wish these 419ers would spend the amount of time and energy they put into doing shady things, into doing something lucrative. Its almost like they don’t know how to channel that energy into something good. Sighs!.. anyhoo, they woke me up around 2 am so I got like 2 hrs of sleep when I should have been recuperating from my exhaustion. Oh my exhaustion, lol. At one point I was convinced something was seriously wrong with me, feeling feverish, couldn’t walk, all that and some, it turned out all I needed was loads of rest. Bad timing I tell ya.

Which leads me to a funny story, a little while back, this 419er kept faxing my celly, I guess he realized it wasn’t working so the idiot had the nerve to call me and the conversation went a little something like this
ME: Hello
419er: Hellow
ME: yeah who is this
419er: whaaaaaz ya fazz numba?
me: huh?
419er: whaaaaz ya fazzzz numba?
me: *chuckles* because I know what is about to go down
419er: hello, hello, whazz ya fazz number?
me: whats my fax number? Ill give you my fax number after I report you to the FBI
419er: FBI? you ha a foolish woman
me: your mama
419er: you haaa very stupid
me: all your future generations
419er: starts ranting something about me abusing his mama and having no respect and I should call the fbi this and that…
me: look, stop calling my phone, foolish 419, go and drink bleach, you are a disgrace, then I start ranting about how he is shaming our peeps and bla bla bla

anyhoo long and short of it, we exchanged a couple of nasty words, hell, it was costing him money not me, so why not. lol… after a few more choice words I hung up on him. He never called back and the fax chilled for a while! One thing I will say is I have their time, a child that says his mother will not rest, that child sef will not sleep..

Not sure if I updated already but I am sure all of you have heard that the Lagos state governor announced publicly that he did not make any law in regards to the indecent dressing bit.. anyhoo I guess its now stale news but its still good to hear. Plus I heard that if you are harassed take the name and badge number down, ( this was already standard for me). Lovely! now I can harass back. hehehe ” Mr Officer, Fashola say make I write ya name down o” hehehe

PS: Those in nig, my crystal ball says a tp fashion show with a wicked twist is in your near future.

3 thoughts on “name change, 419ers, and more..

  1. laaaaaawwlu about d 419 call. But seriously though, what beats me about dis idiots is dat they know they’re doing something wrong and still when u talk to them, they still have d nerve to answer back to u and start raising abuses.

  2. LOL@ the 419 guy, I hope he drank bleach! Yeah, it’s pretty annoying when these guys keep using all their energy and resources in scamming people and giving Nigeria a bad name alongside. God will help us.

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