I feel like such a proud mother right now I just couldnt wait to blog about this.. lol.. Someone very dear to me was featured on the cover, yes I said COVER, not insert, not middle page, not back page, friggin cover of Forbes magazine this past issue. So when he tells me, my first reaction was get the f- out of here.. like naa stop playing, get out of here.. he’s like, yes babes, your boy is in the current issue of forbes, of course then I had to bombard him with questions. one of which was how can a sister get down, me too I wanna be in forbes naaw.. hehehehe, . I’m sooooo proud of him cos lord knows I remember those long nights at the MTV office, and making that final decision to move to London. Anyhoo, Alex is the GM of MTV base Africa, this was something he held very close to his heart and its just wonderful watching everything fall into place. He has promised to send me the PDF so once he does, Ill be sure to share, or better yet, Im gonna take my little budunk to the news stands today and pick up a copy and post it.

This right here is yet another proof that hardwork does pay off.

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  2. Loving the shirts and Alex is deserving of the feature. He has worked quite hard. I just hope he continues to use the platform to help others. Good on ya Alex!

  3. Oouu See now that’s just sexy. Congrats to him More.. grease to his elbows. Post up a pic as soon as you get it cuz you know naija be all over that 🙂

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