Have you checked out my photography website?

How great it feels to sit here and give you some updates. It has been a while I updated this website. There is good reason for that. I have been quite busy with my photography work. As I sit here and type this, even going through some of my past posts, the one thing that stands out for me most, is growth. Its so amazing how much growth one can achieve in a short space.

The growth clearly, has been mentally, emotionally and in my work. Since we are talking about work, its so striking that I have gone from the photographs you see here – on this page, from 2013, to the work you see on my official photography page at Toni Payne Osha and on my career page Osha Creation

It has been a beautiful journey that has taken me to amazing countries like Kenya, UAE, Mexico and afforded me the opportunity to do what I love while expanding my career.  It has also been an interesting journey that has taught me the importance of staying focused, considering that I have the tendency to want to do many things. Putting things in the order that I want them in, as well as seeing how much growth I have achieved from 2003 to 2013 to 2019, has been amazing.

You can follow my photographic journey on the websites linked above or via my instagram pages for – Toni Payne Photography Instagram, Osha Creation Instagram and Osha Food Instagram

I look forward to continue to show you the world through my lens.

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