First Ever Nigerian Photography Challenge #NaijaPhotoChallenge


The other day I was at the Getty Museum, I saw an exhibition featuring Photography in Argentina. The entire time I walked through the exhibition, marveling at its beauty, a nagging voice in my head kept telling me, this could be Nigeria – this could be the work of Nigerian Photographers.

I have seen some amazing work from Nigerian Photographers so I decided to start the first ever Nigerian Photography Challenge aka Naija Photo Challenge. My goal is to motivate established and budding photographer to get out there with their equipment or phones and show us the world through their lens. The art of photography in Nigeria goes beyond wedding and studio photography so in doing this challenge,

I also hope to inspire young minds to see creativity, beauty, and art in the world around them. The categories I have chosen are – Wildlife, Nature, Street, Landscape, Culture, Travel, and Candid Photography. When we see images of Nigeria and other parts on Africa online, I would love it to be raw yet admirable. Nigeria has some amazing talents and I hope you all get to see their work.

To enter the February 2018 Edition, the rules are below – Winners will be announced March 5th. Subsequent challenges will start on the first Monday of the month with winners being announced on the last Monday of the month.

Naija Photography Challenge  Rules –

To win the cash prize in the Naija Photo Challenge, the rules are quite simple

1. Photograph an image that image that falls under the following categories (Wildlife, Nature, Street, Landscape, Culture, Travel, Candid) ABSOLOUTELY NO STUDIO, MODEL OR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED!
2. If it features a person, it must also have another element to it. Eg.. Person jumping out of a Danfo.
3. The competition is open to everyone. Image(s) MUST be photographed by you. It can be taken with any device (phone or camera). The goal is to be creative and show us the world through YOUR lens.
4. Post image to your Instagram with hashtag #NaijaPhotoChallenge . I will be liking all images with this hashtag as an acknowledgment that I have seen it. You can enter up to 8 images per person.
5. Each post MUST have a backstory in your caption. Tell us what inspired the shot, what equipment you used and other details. BE CREATIVE! This is 50% of the selection process. Images with no stories will not be considered.
6. Two winners will be selected (one male and one female) to split the 10k NAIRA cash prize at 5k NAIRA each.
7. Winners will also get free membership to my upcoming creative club which will have an abundance of resources.
8. I will announce the winner on my page on Monday, March 5th, 2018 so entrees close March 4th.
9. I will also announce more Photo Challenges in the near future with bigger prizes as this grows.
I wish you all the best of luck and feel free to tag a friend who would want to enter.

Ps: I am totally open to sponsors. I would love to also give our equipment along with cash in the future. If you would love to help sponsor this challenge, please contact me.

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