Best Skin Care Routine for Fall and Winter

Skin is an integral organ of the human body. It protects your body and organs from the harsh weather conditions and alien entities. However, your skin also requires protection and care. It is sensitive and can be subjected to medical and climatic conditions. Weather conditions and chemicals can potentially harm ones skin if you do not take care of them properly. Harsh rays of the sun, hot winds, and cold and dry atmosphere etc. can all cause your skin to dry out and become rough. Using excessive makeup and not removing it properly and using other harsh chemicals on your skin can also lead up to various skin conditions and diseases.
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A lot of people, particularly women (because their skin is way more sensitive than men), are concerned about the wellbeing of their skins in midst of changing climatic conditions. Especially in the cold weathers, the skin becomes dry and flaky and this really upsets many ladies who are conscious about the health if their skin. For a lot of people, cold weather brings in dryness on faces along with hands and feet, legs and arms. For some, the problem is even graver and their skin ends up getting cracked and flaked due to the cold climate. In some severe cases, the cracks can lead to a skin condition known as eczema, in which the skin becomes inflamed.

However, as scary as these might seem, these problems have solutions. Like they say, prevention is better than it is better if you look out to prevent these problems in the first place and stop them from happening at all. Today in our article, we bring you some of the best skin care routine for fall and winter. Apply them in your daily regime and prevent your skin from any kind of harsh conditions that the cold weather might bring.

Best Skin Care Routine for Fall and Winter 2

Steps to take

i. Moisturize abundantly:
It is important to moisturize your skin on daily basis, no matter what season it is. However, you need to be more frequent with the moisturizing in winters. It is better to change products according to the season. A moisturizer that works in spring and summer might not be too ideal for fall and winter and vice versa. Try to choose a moisturizer for fall and winter that is oil based. This will prevent your skin from drying out.

ii. Apply Sunscreen:
Contrary to what a lot of people believe, sunscreen is not just for summers. It is important to apply sunscreen even in fall and winters in order to prevent the glare of the sun from damaging your skin. Reapply the sunscreen frequently in order to ensure maximum protection against the sun.

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iii. Keep yourself Hydrated:
A lot of people drink plenty of water in summers but give up the practice in cold seasons. Keep your body hydrated in all seasons as this is not only beneficial for your skin but also for your health.

iv. Switch to Humidifiers:
Central heating systems and heater blow dry air and project direct and dry heat to the skin which damages and dries it and makes it crack. Humidifiers are a better option as they provide moisture in the hot air that they blast and thus prevent the skin from drying out.

3 thoughts on “Best Skin Care Routine for Fall and Winter

  1. I was surprised to read the sunscreen bit, I didn’t think it would have any effect in the winter, thanks!
    The moisturizer is a great tip, I always find my lips cracking in winter.

  2. You know I never thought about using sunscreen in the winter months, but that does make sense. I might have to start trying that out because I like to keep my skin refreshed all year long. These are all really great, I love this post!

  3. Great tips but I would like to add in something. While sunscreen is okay to use here and there, applying it daily can damage your skin, specially when it is not natural. I always opt for coconut oil. I get the protection and the moisturizer this way. I even use it in the summer to tan!

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