A Positive Update about my Child Abuse Post


Before writing my post about Child Abuse in Nigerian Schools – A Problem that MUST be addressed – I had reached out to several people, one of whom is a friend, Esther Ijewere-Kalejaiye, who I know well to care about matters like this.  She was very helpful and even gave an update to one of the cases I discussed.

Coincidentally, the situation I posted a picture about happened at her Alma Mata and she happened to be the Alumni Founder. She told me the issue has been resolved and everyone has come to an amicable conclusion that such will not happen at the school again. She stated that the students have been given a hotline to call if they have any issues of abuse and the proprietor has promised to change rules pertaining to discipline. This is a step in the right direction and I appreciate her for listening, suggesting and acting. She sent me a press release about what they have done regarding the issue and you can find it below –

The Press Release


The above refers Sequel to the much and deservedly publicized battery incident involving ODINKARO HELEN by Staff members of St. Saviours School, the Alumni Association of the prestigious School has decided to step into the matter in a bid to contain an avoidable brewing storm.

Battery is a punishable offence under the Criminal and Penal laws of the country, as it is in all countries all over the world. Hence, we saw the expedient need to interfere in such a sensitive situation.

The team of delegates from the Executives of the Alumni Association led by the alumni led by the founder;Esther Ijewere-Kalejaiye, joined by certain concerned members of the Alumni body called for and had a crucial meeting with the School’s management, and also the victim and certain family members in attendance.

We hereby assure every stakeholder and concerned persons that the matter had been adequately dealt with internally and use this medium to convey the deepest apologies and sincere intentions of the Proprietress of the School that such demeaning acts as this WILL NOT repeat itself going forward.

After moments of deliberation, both invited parties came to a compromise, with the following resolutions as a result therefrom, which includes but not limited to:
i. Total abolition of use of cane as disciplinary measure;
ii. Standard guidance/counseling unit to be put in place earnestly;
iii. Restrain on Parents/Guardians from addressing issues on media at the slightest provocation without recourse to the School management as an external line of communication between Pupils, Parents and the School management will be provided earnestly;
iv. Proper orientation and provision of checks and corrective measures over acts of Staff members.

We thank everyone involved with this matter, from Officers of the Nigerian Police Force,Ministry of education, to Social media players. We hereby appeal once more that the matter has been amicably settled.

Thank you all for your sincere contributions.


Esther Ijewere-Kalejaiye – (Alumni Founder)
Olojo obafemi(Alumni president)
Ayoola oladayo(Alumni Gen sec)
Felix Oyekoya (Alumni Legal Adviser)

I will be working closely with Esther and anyone else who wishes to help to see to it that this problem is reduced and hopefully someday eliminated all together. I will also do a follow up post referencing alternative ways to punish kids.

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