10 Types of Men to Avoid – Sociopaths, Liars, Deadbeats & more

frustrated womanLadies, have you ever wondered what sort of men to avoid when you want to choose a partner? Well, sit back and relax because I am going to list 10 types of men to avoid and why… feel free to add your input/experience at the end of the post.

The commitment phoebe: This man is ok with being in casual relationships. He can be with you casually for 20 years without a problem. Some have just one woman in their life while others have multiple. The one thing they have in common however, is that they refuse to take the relationship a step further. He may or may not be the type that likes to have his cake and eat it too. He is fond of making excuses for why yall can’t be exclusive. If you make the mistake of mentioning the “m” word, this man will take to his heels faster than a deer being chased by a cheetah.

A man who has kids but doesn’t take care of them: Nothing says “Run, I am totally irresponsible and not dependable” than a man who has kids, has the means to care for them but prefers to play the role of deadbeat. Do not be fooled into thinking the mother of the kids is the problem and if you have yours, it will be different. A man who wishes to give his kids the best, no matter how little, will do so irregardless of obstacles.

The married but single man: You see them at gatherings doing the most. These men will hound you more than a single man. What are they looking for you ask? Beats me!. lol. The married but single man usually wears no ring, there is no real indication that he is married but if you keep your eyes and ears open, the signs are usually there. eg. He never lets you visit his house.  He always wants to hook up at a friends house or at a hotel.  Note: These could also be signs of a man who is just a jerk and doesn’t want you to know where he lives so he can hit it and quit it. Either way they are both to be avoided.

The man whose idea of a date is hooking up sex: These men think they  have game but they really don’t. Their idea of a good date is hooking up to toss around in the hay. While laying the pipe is not a bad thing, these men have nothing creative in mind but this. They never make any tangible plans with you, and do not see the need to impress you. Dinner? naa. Movies? naa. Gifts? naa. hell, even Mcdonalds? naaa.. lol. None of that is going down with this man. Most have the Zeus Syndome – yeah I made that up but I digress..lol. They are usually so into themselves they think having sex with you is the best thing they can offer you and you should be happy you are getting it. ha ha!

The man who lies about almost everything: Nothing says RUN like meeting a pathological liar. These men lie about everything. Like, its so bad, when this type of man says good morning, you do not need to check if it’s morning because you are sure it is evening.The emotional ups and downs that come with this type of man is not worth it so avoid at all cost.

The man whose previous girlfriends have nothing good to say about him: One woman saying something bad about him may just be because she is bitter but what happens when all his exes have nothing good to say about him? If you get with this kind of man do you think your case will be different? Well, maybe but chances are maybe not. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 women can’t say the same negative thing about a man and be wrong.

The man who is very secretive: This man has a whole lot to hide but why? He evades all types of questions and dissecting him is a piece of mental activity you may not need. He seldom opens up, he is never straight forward and half the time you feel he is lying. The relationship may end up being one big guessing game that will eventually drain you so why bother.

An inconsiderate, selfish men who puts you down: Do I need to tell you why you should not be with this type of man? If a man is putting you down constantly he obviously has low self esteem and this is how he validates himself. Do not allow yourself be used as a validation tool for anybody. If you are with a man that doesn’t lift you up or make you feel good about yourself, then why bother?

A man who gossips way too much: I am not talking about a man who makes a living from it like Harvey of TMZ.. haha. I’m talking about social gossips. A man who gossips about irrelevant ish is irritating enough but a man who gossips way too much is the worst. They can’t keep secrets, a lot spend 99% of their time on social media lurking and looking for whose business to butt into. If you check their twitter timeline, it goes a little something like this.. 9:55am: retweet a gossip tweet, 9:56am: laugh at a gossip tweet, 9:57am: Post stupid memes about stuff that doesn’t concern them so they get a few laughs or retweets,  9:58am: discuss a gossip tweet and retweet those who actually laughed, 9:59am: add their own lies to a gossip tweet to get even more retweets….. and their day pretty much goes on like that till bed time only to start again the following day. They seldom discuss serious issues, and their timeline is usually filled with “who is sleeping with who”, “what this girl or that guy did,” or other trivial matters. These men are usually worse than women when it comes to gossip so if you do not want to end up their topic of discussion someday, avoid at all cost.

The violent sociopath: I heard a story of a lady who married a man a few months after his ex wife posted pictures of her injuries from him beating her. The man public put the ex wife down, and you did not need to be an insider to know he treated her like shit. I tried to understand why, with all the evidence, this woman would still go ahead and marry this man. Lets just say, allegedly, he treated her the same way and she ended up leaving. So when you know a man is violent or not all there upstairs, don’t walk in in the name of blind love.

Now for my little disclaimer: Although most of these things are true, everyone is different. There is no saying people can’t change. If you pay close attention and listen, you instincts will seldom lie to you when it comes to love. The heart is fragile and a bad relationship can break a person if they are not ready or strong enough to handle it. Although we cannot predict the future, it is always wise to choose carefully and pray pray pray before you leap because sometimes, love really isn’t just enough…and if you do end up in a bad one, dust yourself off and try again making sure you are more careful this time around.

Have you ever dated any of these types of men? Feel free to share your experiences with us.


8 thoughts on “10 Types of Men to Avoid – Sociopaths, Liars, Deadbeats & more

  1. I have been dating a guy 4 7/8yrs now,only 4 me to lie 2 him that am preg, and d only tin that came to his is mind is that, I want to tie him down and am desperate. Am seriously heartbroken, what if it was true.dnt knw what to do ?

    1. Toni permit me to answer this one. why would you lie? you are also being dishonest. at the same time he has given you a preview of what to expect if you do get pregnant. you are both in a dishonest relationship and that is very bad

    2. Kelly,
      Why do you want to tie yourself down to a man who doesn’t want to be tied to you? God would not send you a man who you have to beg and lie to keep. He is not for you. Move on.

      Everyday you spend with the wrong man, is one less day you have with the right one.

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