RE: Naija Copy & Paste Blogs Disgracing themselves again over Wizkid… Read my Memo to them

I woke up this morning to an urgent call from my PA. I slept pretty late so I knew for him to call me so early something was up. He asked me to check my email, that he had sent me a mail regarding some Wizkid comment. Thinking nothing of it, I laughed and said it is the one some payne character made? I told him another friend of mine ┬áhad showed it to me and that I do not know the guy. Well, I am not the only Payne on planet earth so I did see any issues. He said, I should still check my mail that he sent me some links as well and apparently some of these COPY and PASTE Naija blogs were touting the headline “Ton(y) Payne insults wizkid” bla bla bla….le’sigh… Wizkid? Aburo mi Whiskey? lol…ok. I reluctantly got up from my bed and checked what he had sent me. What I saw baffled the heck out of even me. Like I know some of these copy and paste blogs are a nuisance to our internet space but I never suspected they could carry their stupidity this far. I understand that it comes with the territory but damn. This is like the highest level of stupidity I have witnessed in a while. The screenshot below is what the blogs were touting around as me.. I am itching to call some of them out, but I am sure that is what they would love me to do..


Now, If you check out the picture above, all you had to do if you are a responsible blogger that feeds the right information to your reader is click the profile to confirm if it is truly me.. The original commenter is apparently on IG and- its not even a private page plus it is NOT a fake acct so accessing it would not have been hard.

  1. The pictures CLEARLY show A GUY..
  2. The name is THONY not Toni.
  4. For the very last time. my name is TONI, TONI, TONI… not even Tony or any sort of Y.. pls! I have been using the same username for as long as i can remember and it has always been TONI!!!! My Goodness!

Of course their readers ran with it and started talking trash. I am not moved by fools so they should stay there and continue being fooled. I am however irritated that for whatever reason, majority of these blog just refuse to get it right and in the process drag our name in their bullshit.. Bullshit that I do not need. I am a BLUNT person. I do not need their help to speak my mind. The fact that majority of them thrive on NEGATIVITY is sickening. They will IGNORE the good things you do but quickly publish LIES just because its negative.. FOH!. Even one of the bigger ones followed them join. It is just too bad. It is a bad look for Naija blogs PERIOD!

I do not even want to call those people bloggers because that is not what blogging is about. They are SPAMMERS who happen to play on the ignorance of their audience. Why they have chosen this mode of operation, I do not know neither am I sure what to blame it on. Laziness? Thirst for hits? Irresponsibility? Being Non Chalant?

Whatever you want to call it, all these new age Naija SPAMMERS are ruining blogging as a whole. There are responsible bloggers out their doing their work diligently, unfortunately these bad apples are turning it into something shameful and it really needs to stop. For Phuck sake, how many seconds would it have taken them to INVESTIGATE further by SIMPLY clicking on the person profile before running with their story.. Maybe the person who started it, did so on purpose because I really want to beleive that NOBODY is that DUMB!!. Then again.. maybe they really are..

To everyone who reads these COPY AND PASTE SPAM blogs.. Do so with caution. Do not let them sell your mind to the highest bidder. When you see a story posted by one, pls triple check facts because 9 times out of 10 they are lying. Do not be made a fool because they are looking for hits.

9 thoughts on “RE: Naija Copy & Paste Blogs Disgracing themselves again over Wizkid… Read my Memo to them

  1. I don’t read any. They really are a disgrace. Not just them but their readers too. If you see how they fight inside the comment section. I would not waste my MB on any of those blogs

  2. Lmfao! Toni won’t even abuse English language that way even if na pidgin. The person is just foolish,immature and lost!
    Toni your fans and readers know how you write and what kinda stuff you comment on. Eyes on the price girl and don’t be distracted…

    1. I taya o.. the entire thing doesn’t even reek of me.. something tells me the person who started it knew but still just wanted to do it for hits and the other mumus just ran with it.. SMH…

  3. Some people are naturally, physically, spiritually and mentally blind, dumb, myopic, lazy and forever hungry. In situation like that the first thing is to double-check/cross-check the ‘Handle’ then click the profile to see more info but no, they practically jump at anything and everything that’ll drive traffic to their Copy and paste blogs. Just imagine if some handles on Twitter like @SkySporfsNews tweet a tantalising and hilarious tweet and you foolishly believes it’s that of @SkySportsNews? It’s not a rocket science for someone to use his/her number six in simple matter but some know the truth but would still blindly follow the crowd in the name of C&C blogging. And these people and their fans/readers don’t engage or promote something positive. For example, check these headlines “Rumour has it that Beyonce is having an affair with her Bodyguard” and “10 ways to pass your WAEC and UTME” post these two articles on a popular blog(s) I bet my life on it the former will have more views/clicks than the latter. Thank goodness i dont waste my time on blog rubbish.

  4. I think you should sue. They keep trying to spoil the image of our good celebs. I don’t visit these naija blogs because most of them are irritating. they never have anything useful to talk about just crap

  5. So here is the issue the thony guy . We are talking about is actually a very close friend of mine, we came across a post on IG about wizkid , and we decided to comment thony personally did not mean to cause any harm to toni, I just felt like some jobless bloggers or whatever you call them……we’re so stupid to post something without having their facts cleared out!!!!!!!

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