DOWNLOAD The One – Spoken Word Love Poetry by Toni Payne + Lyrics

Download The One Spoken Word Poetry Toni Payne
The One By Toni Payne ( Romantic Spoken Word Love Poetry )

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Love is a beautiful thing,
With the right person it becomes a meaningful thing.
I found true love in you
It shows in everything that you do
Never thought I could be loved so unconditionally
Yes! without conditions you gave your heart to me.

Thought love was dead
or so they said
But it lives in you
So alive and real
That special feeling
That gives life new meaning

How can I describe in mere words wot your love has done for me
How can I show you baby, you seem more like a dream
In this dream so sweet u have become the one..
The one who makes my …
Read full poem in my book “A Stroll at Midnight”

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9 Replies to “DOWNLOAD The One – Spoken Word Love Poetry by Toni Payne + Lyrics”

  1. Love that you feel passionate about this but your words are basic .. Spoken word is about flow, depth, word play, and complexity.
    GOOD LUCK xoxo

    1. I disagree with you. I have been writing and performing Spoken Word for over a decade, I have come across many spoken word poets and one thing I have learned over the years is the beauty of spoken word is in its self expression. It is the uniqueness of each piece as delivered by the poet that makes it great. Who defines what words are simple or complex? If we all sound the same, would it not defeat the purpose? I love this work. It is simple, playful and an obvious expression of the performers being and that what spoken word is all about. Keep it up.

  2. I am a man and I can tell you it does not matter. Women are fond of withholding sex to keep a man around. It will not work. Just do it when you are ok because if you keep sex for 10 years, I can still leave after to be with someone who gave me the first night just because I like her more

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