What is Showing in Theaters this Weekend? 8/22 +TRAILERS

the prince poster
Want to know what movies are showing in theaters this weekend? I have a list of movies you should consider seeing and my must see movie pick of the week. The movies on the list include;  The Prince starring Bruce Willis, Sin City: A dame to kill for starring Mickey Rourke and Jessica Alba, Are you here starring Owen Wilson, Zach Galifianakis and more. The USA premiere of 14 Blades is also happening Friday. Check out the trailers as you continue and remember if you are or know a movie lover, you can get MOVIE GIFT CARDS in advance. Need a gift now? Email the gift of movies instantly

The Prince – Trailer – Movie in theaters Friday 8/22 [Buy Tickets]

14 Blades – Trailer – USA Premiere Friday 8/22 [Buy Tickets]

Sin City a Dame to Kill for – Trailer – Movie in theathers Friday 8/22 [Buy Tickets]

Expedition to the end of the world – Trailer – Opens in NYC 8/20 [Buy Tickets]

Are You Here – Trailer – Movie in theaters Friday 8/22  [Buy Tickets]

My Podcast Comedy Pick of the week is Lets Be Cops – Still Showing and highly recommended [Buy Tickets]

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