Why I think Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Should be cancelled.


Love and Hip Hop Atlanta (LHHA) is a reality TV series that airs on VH1 on Mondays. Meaning the week starts with this trash they call reality TV, which by the way is in its 3rd season. Go figure! The show stars Joseline Hernandez, Mimi Faust, Rasheeda, Erica Dixon, Karlie Redd, Tammy Rivera, Stevie J, Kirk Frost, Stevie J, Lil Scrappy, Momma Dee, Benzino, Ariane Davis, and Kalenna Harper. Cast member that have left the show are; K Michelle, DJ Traci Steele, and DJ Babey Drew.

While most of the cast members are not bad, some of them are and you know what they say about one bad apple. Lets forget for one second that the women on the show are without a doubt beautiful, some of them lack character. We have heard different reports of violence, arrests, and cast members embarrassing each other publicly. These reports are about people meant to represent hip hop love? Is this really the reality of things? Even on the show, you see instances of paternity denial, fighting over men, ladies acting like.. well, not so ladylike and men acting a darn fool. If this is the reality of Hip Hop then that is terrible. It seems to me like some of the cast members are mostly in the news for the wrong reasons. I will give some examples. 

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez recently went on an embarrassing social media tirade. What sort of man hops on twitter to break up with his woman, then a few days later posts a video on Instagram with her claiming all is well. The online breakup was not pretty at all, and no women with self respect should see it as acceptable. These are grown a$$ people by the way. How about they try this for a change, sort yourselves out internally. It is as if they live for drama. From the show to their social media pages, it’s one ratchet drama after another. Are these the people that should represent Hip Hop love? I do not think so. Not only is it tiring to watch, it is also very irritating.

Recently, Erica Pinkett who is Rapper Lil Scrappy’s girlfriend was attacked in a nightclub and allegedly slashed with a razor blade. Erica told police she was leaving the bathroom of the club when a woman attacked her from behind; hitting her in the face then throwing her to the ground where she slashed Erica’s arm with a razor blade. Now get this, Erica blames the attack on another Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member, Bambi Johnson. She allegedly believes Bambi set up the attack because of her relationship with Lil Scrappy. Like seriously, why are two grown beautiful women fighting over a man and why must it lead to violence?

These two are just recent instances of why I think the show allows for a negative image of Hip Hop in general. If I decide to note every single instance, we would be here all day. We do not even need to go off camera for the drama. On camera there is also a whole lot of it going on. It becomes overwhelming and at times, difficult to watch. Like you want to scream “Clean up your act people” at your TV screen.

Judging from the success of the show, I know that drama does sell. However, I believe Love and Hip Hop Atlanta should not be representative of what Hip Hop love is all about. Call it balance if you may but, some of the ladies on the show should not be a representative of what black women in hip hop are about. Most of the men need to get their act together. The pettiness, the violence, the irresponsible behavior is not a good look for hip hop, neither is a what we will deem as love. So I say, the cast of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta should either clean up their act or the show should be cancelled but judging from the high ratings they get, I am guessing that is a long shot..

So do you share my sentiments about Love and Hip Hop Atlanta?

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  1. I can’t stand the show. It just seems so fake, so manufactured, like they want these people to race to the bottom intentionally. It definitely needs to go off the air, and it’s not even good ratchet entertainment, it’s sad and pathetic.

  2. I watch the show and do not know the purpose it serves besides entertainment. I would not recommend for anybody under 18.

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