World’s Ugliest Dogs – These are Some Kinda Scary Pictures -ha ha

world ugly dog 4
The World’s Ugliest Dog contest was held yesterday in Petaluma, California. Who thinks up these things though? I am sure there is a contest out there for World’s Ugliest Feet or Worlds Ugliest Elbows. lol. Anyways some of the contestant really fit the bill, while some, well, I thought some of them were not as cute as most dogs but were still kinda doggie cute. 

I feel like a meanie for saying this, but some looked like something straight out of a scary movie, Like if you see the dog at night, you would run for your dear life. lol. One thing I think most of the dogs had in common however is that they were old and some needed a comb. There was one particular dog that looked like a bath would have help it’s case.

I have a Long Haired Chihuahua that is over 12 years old and he still looks very fresh so I think owner care also contributes to how the dog looks. Anyhoo, Brace yourself as you scroll on down to see more pictures of some of the candidates for worlds ugliest dog.

world ugly dog 6

world ugly dog 5

world ugly dog 3

world ugly dog 2

world ugly dog 1

Who do you think should have won the competition?


Photo Credit / ABC News

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