Rihanna is In LOVE: Shares More ADORABLE pictures with her Niece

Riri Niece 6
I did a post a week ago asking if you thought Rihanna would make a good Mommy. I shared pictures of her and her new niece. They looked so adorable I couldn’t help but think she actually would make a good mom. I made a few arguments as to why I thought she would here[Would Rihanna Make a Good Mommy ? SEE CUTE PICTURES]

Today, she shared even more sweet and adorable pictures of her and her baby niece captioning one of them “Guess who fell asleep at the hospital again? #AuntyOhNaNa”.   awwwwww “Aunty Oh nana”.. lol Cutieses. She looks like such a dedicated aunt. Tres Adorraaaaable! Scroll down for more Photos that will make you go Awww..

Riri Niece 2

Riri Niece 3

Riri Niece 4

Riri Niece 5
She captioned this Picture “Twinzies”

Riri Niece 7

Riri Niece

Rihanna may be young now, but I am sure when the time comes, she will make a good mommy to a lucky baby/babies.

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  1. She will get back with Chris Brown and have babies Toni, just be patient because I know that is what you want. that is why you are always posting about them.

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