oh wow! Video of Solange attacking Jay Z at the Met Gala afterparty *Sad Face*

Can somebody say drama!! So Beyonce’s sister Solange attacks her husband Jay Z in the elevator at the Met Gala and Beyonce just stands there like she doesn’t even know them, lol. Now, what could have gotten Solange so upset? She was hysterical, kicking and all, while Jay Z stayed kinda calm sorta blocking her shots. oh boy!. I can just imagine if their security detail weren’t there. She would have probably ended up with a beat down because she wasn’t about to let it go. Still shocked by Beyonce though, as in you can’t possibly be that disconnected from the situation, its your sister and your husband. She just stood there like a 3rd party with no connections to the two, no pls stop stop, no hand gesticulation, or something!. The whole video is most definitely not a good look. I am sure the next few days will see a lot more of what actually went down but then again, they have an awesome PR team and they will most likely “fix it”. Anyways check out the video and a picture of Jay Z holding his face as they walked out of the elevator. Check out how calm Beyonce looks, like nothing happened. sigh! *Sad Face* 

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jayz after being attacked


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  1. Beyonce was just there, like she wasn't there. What on earth could have happened for Solange to have reacted like an area girl?! Na wa o!

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