Lupita Nyong’o Finally has a Fashion Miss at the Met Gala – Hot Mess or Naa? [Fashion Commentary]

lupita nyong'o met galaA day before the Met Gala we were talking about Lupita and how it seems like everything she wears was specially crafted for her body. You gotta admit, she always looks darn near flawless in every cut and every color. Makes you wanna go running 10 miles a day, slap on some tanning cream and do a name change lol. I argued that she has the body type that makes every outfit look good so a fashion miss would be difficult for her. Then the Met Gala happened and I was proven wrong.

The Green Prada number she had on graced her body well but the design? Had her looking like Jane without Tarzan. The outfit could have been workable if not for that tragic hairband, the feathers, and that awful floral shoe. Awww who am I kidding, that outfit was not it at all, I cant even sugar coat with a straight face. Personally I think Lupita Nyong’o needs to stay far far far away from hairbands. They always seem to ruin her look and this one was no different. As a matter of fact, this one has been the worst yet. The hairband did not sit right on her head at all. It was too big and too green. I think she must have offended her style team because you don’t need eyes to see that that wasn’t a good look for her. Poor girl came out looking like a tree during springtime or is it a green and brown Macaw?lol  Love me some Lupi Lupi though and the person who signed off on that outfit should get penalized.  hehe

Anyways, Lupita is a pretty lady, I am sure she will redeem herself soon enough but please anyone that plans to give her another hairband, DON’T. lol. We can’t be 100% all the time so you go girl. lol.

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