Quotes; excerpts – Feb 2013

Some Favorite Quotes and Excerpts from some of my Spoken Word Poems in no particular order.  Hope you enjoy them..

Love is an emotion that can eat at your soul,
if it doesn’t go right it could kill you slow. – Toni Payne
The only cure is not in anger,pain, or resentment.
The only cure for a broken heart is time. – Toni Payne

Allow me make my mistakes
Allow me do what it takes
Allow me… even if I break – Toni Payne

In my white walls you can’t understand me
It takes a lot to really be me – Toni Payne

Your soft voice when you address me
Your warm touch when you undress me
The taste of your lips, when we kiss
Those are some things I really miss – Toni Payne

Now you are gone but definitely not in the arms of another
Your heart now guarded, I sit and ponder
I should have known it was you – Toni Payne


Copyright 2013 – Toni Payne



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