Feel her: ZARA on Alapomeji

Its no longer news that Im a huggge music fan, in fact I have managed to convince myself that I can predict the next best thing, yeah yeah, thats how keen my ears are.. I wanted to use this medium..lol.. (I sound like im giving a speech) to introduce who I think is the next best thing, a female emcee whose style kinda like oh my gosh blows me away, as in, you know, its like,…ZARA is a new artist that just signed to ALAPOMEJI ENTERTAINMENT… she has a new single called flyest thats already making waves, you can listen to it here http://www.myspace.com/zwagger

just keep watching o, I am yet to be wrong.. I repeat, if you have not had a feel of the zwagger, you know you are missing, if ZARA no dey your show, bobos no go plenty cos Gongo ti so..
Toni Payne

Author: Toni Payne

Toni Payne is a creative writer, poet, voiceover artist, media personality and entrepreneur. She enjoys writing inspirational quotes, short stories, and poetry about various topics from romance to self-love. She also does voiceover readings of short stories and flash fiction on her podcast and writes travel, exotic cars and beauty lifestyle articles. At her leisure, she writes musings about pop culture, entertainment, relationships and more.

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  1. she’s aight. I’m sorry, she ain’t got nothing on Sasha and Blaise. Two of naija’s best female rappers. With Blaise and Sasha, you will see Eve, Lil’kim, influence, but they got their own swagga. Don’t see nothing special about her.

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