lol…. after a long day

chilling at the store in surulere, errm can you tell which one of us is the mischivious one.? lol..

and there goes two of my fav men in the world.. ignore the background, I was busy tryna pick dresses for them for the xmas (joke o)

anyhoo, I have another shopping event this weekend for those that will be in the LA area.. Its called Haute LA and it will be going down in this Saturday at 180 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034.. be there if you can, I will have a lot of stuff on xmas sale..including the getting infamous TP ice… which reminds me, those that have emailed me to see a full picture of the shirt I had on at the TC event.. sorry o, give me some time and Ill take a picture and post on my blog… keep in mind that shirt is not for sale to the general public, its custom order only.. Its sorta identical to the jacket I posted a while back, only this is the female version…
hmmnnn btw.. I keep hearing good things about myself outside, its kinda doing me like film trick but I wanna say thanks to everyone who has supported so far and those who plan to support and those who are still contemplating support.. I was chilling with a friend this past weekend and he said something to me that kinda threw me back and had me thinking at the same time.. Wish I could share… anyhoo I started my business as a way to make money doing what I love but it keeps dawning on me that its much more than that now.. The other day I got an email from some young lady who said how can she be like me, and do what I am doing.. at first I was like ehn? emi slacker, but it leaves you thinking, how can you afford to fail when you have such a sweet person looking up to you.. but yeah, its kinda scary tooo….anyhoo enuff of that mushy stufff…. thanks yall..

4 thoughts on “lol…. after a long day

  1. @anon.. Im wondering how come most of the requests I get are from NY. am I missing something? Next year sha 4sure..

    @wiena.. well u know that also includes a lot of stress

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