Fashion Showcase Video + Picture Time…

I decided to start documenting things TP on video, pictures etc, kinda like a mini reality tv .. Anyhoo this video was from this weekend, Sorry for the VQ, I thought I charged my camcorder battery only to find out the thing was about to die so I did not risk it, anyhooo thank goodness for cameras that can record video.. enjoy! Update: Pictures Added.. Thanks to the Photographer TJ (teez4me)

Toni Payne

Author: Toni Payne

Toni Payne is a creative writer, poet, voiceover artist, media personality and entrepreneur. She enjoys writing inspirational quotes, short stories, and poetry about various topics from romance to self-love. She also does voiceover readings of short stories and flash fiction on her podcast and writes travel, exotic cars and beauty lifestyle articles. At her leisure, she writes musings about pop culture, entertainment, relationships and more.

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  1. TP, i’m disappointed with your choice of song on d reel. Aren’t u d same person who’s always boasting highly of 9ja music? So u want to tell me u couldn’t find any any good song among those to play? Still love d t-shirts though.

  2. @justme.. Ill be in your backyard sooner than later and boy am I j/k


    lb.. calling u in a hot sec

    wienna… lol, this gal, well I do support naija music 100% but that doesnt mean I cant listen to American music naw, besides the DJ picked the song and I liked it for the theme we were going for, it just worked too much for me to say no. Promise my next show will be naija music for sure. I have already started storyboarding Gongo Aso for my next show..:)

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