Phewww!. Yes the Positees line by TP is finally here, well not all of it, some of it and available for purchase online.. Anybody on the waiting list that has been confirmed as paid, should get theirs in a few days. I would say tomorrow but we did not anticipate the waiting list to be so long but all the same working on it. It wont be shipped for NEW online purchasers till after July 11th so preorder today because they come in batches and once one batch is gone you may end up waiting again. This time TP decided to do a little something for the cutie pies so there is something for little girls and babies. Times like this I wish I had a little T, so we could be matching. lol.. I already have a personal fav the I am HAUTE tank in Black, only cos I can wear it on some jeans, (maybe my soon to arrive Deola Sagoe Jeans), and pumps with the right accessories and viola, party here I come. Some of the designs are below. .. There is one called preach peace, Its also one of my favs cos its a funky, trendy way to send your message across, the rest of the line will have messages along that line, like, Poverty! Why?….. Still using the original designs cos we plan on setting up a killer photoshoot. Lets see if they become one of the hottest item for the fall. A little something for the fellas is also coming soon.. one day at a time.

6 thoughts on “Just too HAUTE. tp POSITEES

  1. I love the Baby Haute…makes me wish I was an infant…but not, lol. Well done, chica…emm maybe u can include one in my special package, lol?
    And BTW, I am PURPLE with ENVY that u’re getting DS jeans, lol.

  2. icy I dunno why everytime I try to remember your address, my amnesia kicks in.. sighs!

    @minxy.. hehehe, you should be, Im orange with envy for myself too..lol dont worry, when I rock it ill think about you.

    @satin.. thanks mama, pink rules!

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