Toni Payne

Author: Toni Payne

Toni Payne is a creative writer, poet, voiceover artist, media personality and entrepreneur. She enjoys writing inspirational quotes, short stories, and poetry about various topics from romance to self-love. She also does voiceover readings of short stories and flash fiction on her podcast and writes travel, exotic cars and beauty lifestyle articles. At her leisure, she writes musings about pop culture, entertainment, relationships and more.

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  1. Nice site!! Happy New Yr!!

    And on a completely unrelated note, lol…I wish u would come for the Future Awards…:( that way I’da roped u
    (ok, maybe BEGGED is more like it!) into doing my make-up, lol,

  2. His site is very nice! I like it a lot. On the site it shows that he is starting his own clothing line. Will you be designing for him since he is wearing your shirts?

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