Hard work should pay off

I wouldnt consider myself a penny pincher but you know how it is when you work very hard for your money, its always harder to part with it. I think it runs in my blood, give to others but not to yourself. lol

Well I decided to change that, like what is the point if I cant enjoy the benefits right? I decided that every end of the year I will reward myself with something new for all my hard work through the year. To kick off 2007 I decided maybe I should reward myself with a new car. I have always been a big fan of german cars, personally I think they are simply the best. So new years eve I went into the dealership to browse, I knew I wanted something but wasnt sure what. Did the basics and couple hrs later I came out with a brand new car, same color and type as the image( I absolutly adore that color). I don’t know why I couldnt resist, it was almost like the car kept saying “buy me, you will love me” lol. Very worth it. I think rewarding myself each year is going to motivate me to work harder the next year. I’m not sure what this years reward will be but in a couple of years I plan to drive out with a Maybach.cheesing hard

Toni Payne

Author: Toni Payne

Toni Payne is a creative writer, poet, voiceover artist, media personality and entrepreneur. She enjoys writing inspirational quotes, short stories, and poetry about various topics from romance to self-love. She also does voiceover readings of short stories and flash fiction on her podcast and writes travel, exotic cars and beauty lifestyle articles. At her leisure, she writes musings about pop culture, entertainment, relationships and more.

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  1. hahaha Bella, Amen o but errr I have to be realistic, maybe close to retirement Ill do the Maybach, ship it to NIG and live happily ever after with my Hussy, 6 kids and plenty grand kids. lol

  2. Eh yah……congrats girl. That’s tight. Happy New Year. Am always telling my sisters, after working hard. Abeg, go out there spoil yourself: life is too short to waste o jare. Have fun girl.

  3. haha Antonia.. I swear I love you mehn.. hahahah eeeeediot your ass was posed to go sell ur car you came out with a new one…. I swear yaf crase. Shey you know they jipped you a whole sales person getting jipped by another sales person into buying a new car…. I gotta admit I can see u looking seximafied in that hottie.. ride him easy puh-lease lol! RAWK ON MAMA!

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