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  1. Wow… I am so happy he is ok. God is great!!! The car was completely totaled. I hope he has insurance. But knowing Naija…it might take ages to claim the money.

  2. Yeah thank God he’s alive but this guy is at fault. PT or TP, just stop defending this dude. Yall are just blind as fuck. The guy smashed unto the bus. Ruggedman is CLEARLY at fault. Cut the bullshit!

  3. Hey Tony, I’ve just finished reading another blogger rave about you so I thought i’d check you out. I’m particularly impressed that you are Nigerian and under 30 yet doing great things. Welldone sistah! Keep the flag flying and know that there are a lot of people out here who see you as an inspiration.

    Greater heights it is baby!!!

  4. @tayo. I am happy he is ok too. He has insurance but like yo said good luck getting things sorted out on time.

    @angie. I was thinking the same thing

    @anonymous. ok o…

    @desola.thanks a lot mamacita, words like yours motivate me even more. We have to keep it positive and definitely keep the flag flying. A new generation of YBNE.

    @bella. Amen sister gurl, AMEN!

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